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Post by Izanagi on Sun 2 Jun 2013 - 17:16

IGN Profile:

Journey is a very simple exploration game developed by ThatGameCompany. You play a little hooded person who has received visions telling him to travel to a mysterious mountain in the distance with a strange light beaming up from it. Very little is given in terms of story. You see hieroglyphs, receive visions, and look at the barren desert world, but what it all means is up to interpretation.

Your character is able to run, jump, and make musical sounds that play a part in the overall adventure. Coming across paper like creatures charges a scarf hanging off your back, allowing you flight for a limited time. The further you go in the game, the longer your scarf will become, allowing for longer flight. However, there are things out there that can destroy this increase.

Journey is visually stunning and the music plays perfectly, matching every scene in emotion. Playing this game, you can get a sense of joy, intrigue, sorrow, and even fear.

Your character takes this journey alone, but this doesn't always have to be. Connected to the PSN, you will occasionally be paired with another player. This is random with no means of control. You have no means of communication beyond those little chirps, but this is still a good thing. This person adds companionship to this travel. We would end up huddling together, hiding from the aforementioned danger. After the end credits, you do get to see the names of those you traveled with.

In short, Journey is a visually wonderful and fun little game. If you have a couple hours to kill, I highly recommend it.
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