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Poem: Elemental Rhapsody

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Poem: Elemental Rhapsody

Post by ZephyrHero on Thu 6 Jun 2013 - 20:11

Just an old poem I wrote months ago when I was feeling down.

Elemental Rhapsody

Lightning flashes bright, then disappears. It doesn't protect, it only destroys.
Yet that single spark gives birth to Flames which burns strong, then slowly fades away.
They could be what warms the body, or incinerate it to ashes.
But what powers them up is a strong gust of Wind. Always flowing in one direction before changing to the next, just like life.
Then comes the Ocean, vast and endless. No matter which path you take, you'll end up nowhere.
At some point you'll come across an island of hope, touching the warm and soft Sand.
From there you shape a sandcastle of dreams, only for it to collapse in front of your eyes.
Upon your failure you'll find a tiny plant seed. You take it deep within the hollow forest and dig it into the soil, becoming a beautiful Flower.

Then comes the cold slap of reality, a Blizzard washes over and kills your happiness.
Your heart becomes as frigid as a glacier that freezes the moving gears inside Machines.
They eventually defrost and rev themselves up for another round of work.
As they are made of metal, they lack Souls that give them a sense of identity.
While you search for that one thing that'll give you life, you'll reach a fork in the road.
One route has a heavenly Light at the end of the tunnel, desperately craving it's purity and warmth.
The other route has pitch black Darkness, an Event Horizon, the opportunity to feel no pain.
The path you stand on now is the road to Nothingness. Empty and longing deep down.

But if you're neither aligned with Light or Darkness...

There was always the Twilight. A new beginning with a fine balance of light and darkness. Both Dawn and Dusk awaits.

. . .

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Re: Poem: Elemental Rhapsody

Post by Zanta on Thu 6 Jun 2013 - 20:22

This is beautiful. i love it.
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