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Characters of the GP & GPEX Universe

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Characters of the GP & GPEX Universe

Post by CG-Panthera on Mon 5 Aug 2013 - 18:28

Here are some of my characters that I have created for my universe that is Galactic Panthera and Galactic Panthera EX. I have over hundreds characters created for this, so I won't post all of them until needed, other than the most known ones and the most familiar.

For Stryker Cinco's characters, they're a part of this universe as well. Because of that, his characters, whenever he wishes, will be showcased here too.


Galactic Panthera/GPEX - My characters

My heroes currently

1. Lygerion Furthunder:
2. Snowforest Wynterrion:
3. Crossfire Gracefield:
4. Snowheart Gracefield:
5. Nightstar Selestygrant:
6. Blueshadow Panthonyx:
7. Sunbright Summervolt:
8. Savannah Leonheart:

My Villains so far - GPEX Only

1. Devilendra:
2. Tygebersia:

Will be updated over time due to large amounts of characters, so please check back at times to see if its updated later on.Very Happy
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