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Forum Guidelines

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Forum Guidelines

Post by Mike on Thu 12 Mar 2009 - 1:17

Yup... Rules. They can be a drag sometimes, but the rules will keep things running smoothly.

~Post Content:
1. No Pornographic Material - Tasteful nudity is acceptable only if the person posting it warns others about it in the topic title or with the link to the picture.
2. No Flaming - Posts that are made to deliberately to defame, insult, be rude to or provoke other members
3. No Politics/Religion - Usually, discussion and debate of people's deeply held beliefs results in aggression and flaming.
4. No Criminality - Discussion of anything that violates the law
5. No Spamming - Making posts and/or threads that contain empty bodies, few words, single smilies or comments
6. No Advertising - Posts made to advertise your website, forum or commercial product with the intent of increasing visitors/sales. Users may, however, post a link to their personal website in their profile or signature.
7. Keep threads on-topic - If you wish to make a post that is outside the topic of a thread, make a new thread.
8. Locked Threads Stay Locked - Do not continue discussions from a closed thread in a new one.
9. No "Back Seat Moderating" - If you encounter a post that is in breach of any of the rules, contact a moderator via PM. Do not deal with breaches of the rules yourself.
10. No Foul Language/Profanity - Posts made that contain obscene, offensive or vulgar language (If you feel a certain word will be offensive, use *'s)
11. No Dodging the Swear Filters - Attempting to circumvent the forum's anti-swear filter
12. Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar is Important - In order to ensure that posts make sense, members are asked to ensure that all their posts contain reasonably correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. While it is not necessary to for every post to be perfect (typos are a part of life), members should make every effort to make their posts clear. Where a member is not a native speaker of English, it is not expected that they be fluent, however they are expected to make an effort to use reasonably correct English. This rule is in place to ensure that posts can be understood easily by all.
13. No Text-Speak - No form of text-speak (i.e. leet) is acceptable.
15. No Abuse of Punctuation Marks
16. No Abuse of Smilies

~General Forum Rules:
17. Be Polite - Apart from specific rules on foul language etc., please post responsibly. Use your brain and treat others respectively.
18. Place threads in the appropriate forum - The board is split into categories for a reason. If you are unsure, place the thread in the "General Discussion" area, and a Moderator will move it if required.
19. Use descriptive topic Titles - Titles such as "how", "help", "why" or "!!!!!" are not helpful
20. Do Not Ask to Become a Moderator
21. Do Not Create Multiple Accounts
22. Do Not Argue With The Moderators
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