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Art Critique/Suggestions/Appreciation Thread

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Art Critique/Suggestions/Appreciation Thread

Post by Dessie Schlecter on Wed 25 Mar 2009 - 21:41

Have a picture you'd like some critique on? Need some ideas for a new picture? Found a really cool piece of art you like? Then this is the place! Here, you can ask for suggestions on artwork, critique art, or post any really cool artwork you'd like to share. =)


Like a Star @ heaven Absolutely NO flaming/bashing/ect.!!!! If someone posts a piece that you don't like, then either don't say anything about it, or state why you don't like it in a calm, CIVIL manner.

Like a Star @ heaven If you're critiquing a piece, please critique in a friendly manner.

Like a Star @ heaven Please don't post anything that contains crude or offensive content. If you're not quite sure, then put a warning next to it, just to be safe.

Like a Star @ heaven If someone asks not to critique a piece of artwork, then don't.

Like a Star @ heaven And last, but not least, follow the site rules, and have fun! =)
Dessie Schlecter
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RP Enthusiast

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Re: Art Critique/Suggestions/Appreciation Thread

Post by Cody Furlong on Sat 13 Jun 2009 - 20:08

Cody Furlong
RP Champ
RP Champ

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