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Mkay... so here's the plan...

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Mkay... so here's the plan...

Post by Bella-Rosa on Wed 1 Apr 2009 - 19:25

Life in the Fast Lane
Many, many years ago, before Oregon ever became a state, before the United States of America was born lived the Chehalis Indians at the entrance of Grays Harbor in Westhaven, Washington. Several years into the 1800’s the settlers came to the west. Not too soon after the vampires came, the Reine clan. The area south of Grays Harbor belonged to the Chehalis and the Chehalis grew angry when the “cold ones” started killing the humans in the area.

Soon what happened was some of the sons in the tribe started to transform into giant wolves. They learned they could protect the humans from the “cold ones” by transforming into the wolves.

About 100 years later a new family of a new kind of vampire came along, the Hales. The Hales only feed from animals, not humans. They made a treaty with the Chehalis saying they would help the Chehalis control the amount the other family feeds in the area, but there are still some issues with that. The treaty is meant for the protection of the humans, vampires and werewolves. The Hales would prefer to live peacefully with the werewolves, while the werewolves, just don’t want any problems. The Hales and the Reine clan live in what is now known as Westport, Washington. It is very unusual for werewolves and vampires to live so close together, but the Chehalis want to keep the city of Westhaven safe.

Ok... so sure... it seems like a Twilight rp... BUT... it's not.

This is an rp I created about a year and a half ago on another forum. The only thing I think you guys would have issues with is the fact that it is fighting/relationship based. Relationship meaning friendships and love relationships. The idea for this rp is to create a story.

The thing is... I am going to change the location of the rp to some place in Ireland... I just need to do some research for it.

Please give me feedback and ideas if you have them.
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Re: Mkay... so here's the plan...

Post by Cody Furlong on Wed 1 Apr 2009 - 21:03

Cool, I love werewolves. A few questions though.

Is this going to be a human only RP?

Do everyone live in houses, or would there be some that still live in caves, castles, or such?

Do we chose if we wan't to be human, vamp, or wolf?

For the friend/love relationships, is it a wolf/wolf, vamp/vamp kind of thing, or can it be wolf/human, or vamp/wolf?

Finally, does everyone have to be from Ireland, or can they like come from America and stuff?
Cody Furlong
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