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Dante's Inferno for PSP,PS3, and XBox360

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Dante's Inferno for PSP,PS3, and XBox360

Post by Izanagi on Sun 6 Dec 2009 - 15:12

Is anyone else as excited for this game as I am?

Dante's Inferno is a re imagining of the first book in The Divine Comedy, Inferno. In the game, Dante, a crusader, returns home to Italy to find that Satan himself has captured his wife, Beatrice, and pulled her down into Hell. In order for him to free himself from hell and wage war on Heaven, Satan requires the corruption of a Heaven bound soul. Chasing after Satan, Dante confronts Death himself and defeats him, taking the Grim Reaper's scythe and diving down into the pit itself.

The game has nine levels, going along the original poem. Each one emphasizing the sin and the ironic punishments. (Ex, Lust, the second level, is a raging tempest that tears lovers apart, similar to how it causes ones world to spin out of control. Gluttony, souls are plunged into a world filled with human waste that falls from the sky, rivers of urine, and are fed upon by giant worms. Greed, sinners are plunged into pools of melted gold and subject to the evil Wheel of Fortune). Each level has its own special enemies and puzzles Dante has to solve in order to get to the boss.

While traveling in Hell, Dante's not without protection. He carries Death's scythe, which allows him to perform a multitude of attacks ranging from regular sweeps to spear thrusts. In addition, Dante also carries the cross, given to him by Beatrice as a gift. The Cross uses spells that push away enemies, allowing for perfect crowd control. In the game, you can choose to destroy souls with the scythe or absolve them with the cross. Destruction powers the scythe, absolve powers the cross. Apparently this plays a part later in the game.

With a God of War style game play, this should be a fun game to say the least.
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